Computer Programming

By A. Nonymous

Computer programming is my thing.
Don't ask me robot anything
And I can't invent
So don't give me a cent
To make a hoverboard for you

I have an amazing editing team
Thier names are Tahiyla and Tashleen
They're twins, I know
But don't make it a big deal though
Because that really annoys them

The Oregon Trail is my game
You might think that I'm insane
But look! There's a link right there!
It definitly looks better than my hair
See for yourslf if you don't believe me


This is body paragraph 1.

This is body paragraph 2.


Ecce! Afer(Ariah Tersoo) ac Asianus(Grammatica "Magistra" Sandraquteresa) in Roma!

This will move!

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yet another one!!!

What position will it be?

I like this link.